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Best money I have spent on myself in probably the last year. I’ve had a back injury since I was young that came and went. It’s been bad as of recently. We went yesterday afternoon. After one session I went to sleep easier, slept better and I barley feel it today. Very informative. She didn’t try to sell us anything or tell us we needed to come back every week. If you are in the Tampa area definitely check her out. ~John Adir

Mike Day: U.S Navy SEAL

I received my first acupuncture treatment from my bosse’s daughter, Ashley Heintz. She asked me what I wanted fixed. First of all, there are not enough needles to fix everything. Second I like where I am and how I feel, pain or being uncomfortable when I work out is normal for me. It’s normal for everybody to a certain extent. I’m not saying to destroy yourself. As an individual you need to know where the point of being uncomfortable crosses over into self destructive behavior. I jokingly asked Ashley to make my runs faster. It worked. I improved my average pace this morning by roughly :20 to :30.6.9 miles, 58:58, 8:29 average pace, 1241 calories, run in Tampa, Florida.
Read More about Mikes fantastic journey here.

 “Dr. Ashley made me a total believer in Eastern Medicine! I am someone that has always been prone to throat infections that completely debilitate me with fevers and exhaustion, and was always treated with all sorts of antibiotics as a kid.  Now, as an adult, I have tried to distance myself from antibiotics and focus more on preventative measures, sure as eati…ng better and taking multivitamins.  Although, I am a self-proclaimed baby when it comes to pain tolerance, I wanted to try out going to an Eastern Doctor.  I went to Ashley one day when I felt my throat beginning to itch and hurt.  She treated me with acupuncture and cupping and sent me home with a prescription of “drink lots of water.”  When I woke up I was floored with how much better I felt!  For good measure, I went back to her the next day.  I felt 100% better after only 2 treatments!  For me, I appreciate her educating me to about the tools to heal my body, as opposed giving me tons of prescriptions to treat symptoms (usually temporarily anyways).   Since then, she has treated me any time I have had a cold coming on and even for my menstrual cramps!  Even now that I live in Miami and she lives in Tampa, I travel to be treated by her!  She is EXTREMELY gentle and has a wonderful calming presence about her.  She is so knowledgeable and takes the time to explain what she is doing and why.   I have never felt healthier or stronger.  Thanks Dr. Ashley! “-Megan Palmer

“I have had this random cramp pocket  In my digestive track for years which was causing awful upper back pain . I have ha…d numerous treatments at another place . It would be better for a while and then the pain would be back. I went to Dr. Heintz and she fixed my problem first try. It’s the most refreshing experience to find a provider who generally cares about you and your health.” -Marrisa Madden

“Dr. Ashley is amazing! I had a fever and felt terrible, she needled me and I felt 100% percent better within hours. The feve…r was gone as well as all of my other symptoms. She is so incredibly gentle and calming. I would recommend her services to anyone at anytime!”-Nikki Hendel

“I never had acupuncture before until I went to Dr. Ashley Heintz.  S…he is very informative, gentle and kind.  She also gave me herbs and instruction on how to make my situation better.  After going to her for acupuncture I felt an improvement of my symptoms.  I recommend Ashley because she is honest, caring and knowledgeable.”- Tiffany Paetzold

I’ve been seeing Ashley for over a year and half for various health reasons, what’s most remarkable is in August 2014 she predicted I would have a baby in September of 2015. This prediction was particularly bold because she knew at the time I had been told I could not ever conceive. Needless to say I gave birth to my son this past September. She does not advertise any type of psychic reading or abilities but it’s worth asking!-Felicia Marshall

Being in sales and a person who appreciates good service, I am compelled to give a HUGE shout out and testimonial for Dr. Heintz.

You may have seen a FB post from me on Sunday about any suggestions/remedies for Plantars Fasciitis (PF). I could barely walk and was in a huge amount of pain and discomfort.  I had been to Dr. Heintz for my back (which her treatments helped dramatically), so I reached out to see if she could treat PF.
She explained in might take a few sessions, but results on previous patients had been positive.

Well, yesterday was my 3rd treatment and HOLY COW… What a difference.  My pain, mobility, and whole lower half feels infinitely better.  I would have NEVER believed that acupuncture works this well, on a series of ailments, unless I had experienced it myself. I had to overcome my preconceived notion of acupuncture being a bunch of Bologna AND my lack of overall affinity to needles, however it has been a blessing for my health.

A HUGE thank you for dealing with my squirming, palm sweating, and overall skeptical attitude; you have been a huge blessing!!

Lester J Morales

After being treated by an orthopedist specializing in shoulders, I was not improved after three steroid shots over a period of six months. Dr. Ashley used cupping and acupuncture and after three visits, I had full use of my arm with no pinching or pain in my shoulder. BRAVA! ~Janice Wallace

What a great experience! My husband has had no sciatic pain since his cupping. I had acupuncture for a few problems and feel much better even after just one treatment. I highly recommend this for anyone to try for a number of problems. Thank you Dr. Ashley! ~Lotte Furlong

Ashley is incredible. Not only does she truly listen to your words, but she anticipates your needs even further based on her extensive knowledge and ability to analyze what you’ve shared and empathize with your experiences. She’s just amazing!! I honestly believe she’s the best the Tampa Bay Area has to offer.
I think everyone could use a little acupuncture, so when you decide to check it out, make sure you get to my girl Ashley and prepare to be wowed! ~Audrey Bedinghaus

This woman is a miracle worker. She cured my sinus infection last week-I took no medicine. Now she’s healing my son! Acupuncture is the best!! ~Katie Wilken

Special thank you to my uso Malua for setting this up for me. I had the pleasure of meeting a true healer, Dr. Ashley Heintz. Powerful medicine. ~Tattoo artist Samoan Mike.

Thank you for giving me the first true relief since my injury. ~Marie Restrepo

As of June 15th 16th I have had no pain in my back or arm and 90% of the numbness in my thumb is gone!!!!Thank you soooooo much for helping me out as this pain was driving me crazy!!..You have been a God sent. If I ever have any issues with anything you will be my first call again. Thank you very much!!!~Willie Martinez

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