When it comes to Chinese medicine and weight loss there is a factor that is not being considered when writing diet plans, herbal formulas, and acupuncture protocols. And that factor is what the patient’s desired outcome actually is. There can be a big difference between a healthy body and a sexy body. In ancient eastern traditions a healthy body is one that is soft, flexible and balanced without pain. In the west a healthy body is one that is tight, hard and can squat with 300 pounds of metal on its back so it can bounce a quarter off its ass. Or one that has protruding hipbones and thigh gaps. In the west we like to relish in the pain of sore muscles after a workout. “I can’t walk because yesterday was leg day.” Power-lifting, cross-fit and marathons keep me in business. With the majority of my patients I am treating the side effects of a prescription, or a work-out induced injury. In Taoism (where acupuncture originated) a healthy body is a reflection of a gentle balanced life style. Now a healthy body is a reflection of pushing your body to extremes.

The key word you will hear over and over again with an acupuncturist is balance. Acupuncture works for weight loss by correcting imbalances and allowing your body to regulate itself. Everyone has a healthy perfect body, it is a matter of allowing your body to be that without letting stress and addiction get in the way.

I am not saying one way is right or wrong. Everyone is entitled to look whatever way they want. I particularly appreciate looking at all those “sexy” people on Instagram. I am saying that we have made it much harder on ourselves to have a healthy body by changing what a healthy body is.

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