16 11, 2020

One Acupuncture Point, Performance and Immunity


Chinese medicine is old, thousands of years old. The physiology, pathology, methods, and mechanisms of treatment are described in ways that are very different and seemingly whimsical when compared to their counterparts in western medicine.  Case in point, catching a cold in Chinese medicine is called “a wind invasion.”  The points used to treat the common cold have functions such as “expel wind” and “release exterior.” Harry Potter diagnosis aside, evidence-based research reveals that acupuncture works.  But how and why?  It’s the answers to these questions people have a hard time with. Yet, numerous “western” studies have documented mechanical evidence of what is physiologically happening during an acupuncture treatment.  When these studies are published, it is not only vindicating, it’s another nudge toward acupuncture’s broader integration into western medicine.   The remainder of this blog entry is about one acupuncture point.   Zu San Li, also known as Stomach 36 to English-speaking doctors, is an acupuncture point approximately 4 finger widths below the knee and one finger width lateral to the anterior crest of the tibia.  Zu San Li translates to “Leg Three Miles”.  This name stems from an ancient story about how Chinese warriors would wear a bag with stones around their waist when they would hike across the country to engage in battles.  When a soldier became too tired to continue walking, he would kneel causing the bag of stones to hit the shin right at this acupuncture point.  When the soldier stood back up, they would be [...]

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14 07, 2018

Your Kidney’s


Water is the most significant symbol in the Tao. (The Tao is the foundation of Chinese Medicine.) “The highest goodness resembles water.” Every organ has an element and water is assigned to the Kidney. Dreams, more specifically nightmares about water are a sign of Kidney pathology. The kidneys are believed to store all the energy you will have in life so their health is crucial. Kidney pathology presents 1st and foremost with any sexual dysfunction; impotence, low libido and infertility. Other symptoms are low back and knee pain, tinnitus and trouble concentrating.  The kidney is weakened by excessive fear, drugs and medications, especially stimulates like Adderall and diet pills, excessive masturbation, poor diet and poor hydration. Strong kidneys present as good leadership skills, confident decision making, bravery, sexual stamina and a strong back. 

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13 07, 2018

Phlegm is a Tumor


The points labeled here are for what acupuncturists call draining phlegm and dampness. Phlegm and dampness manifest in the body as: phlegm in the lungs, throat and sinuses, lethargy and fatigue, poor concentration, low libido, bad body odor, oily skin, obesity, trouble loosing weight, nodules, fibroids, cysts, tumors, swollen joints, dizziness, stroke, mania, emotional outbursts, epilepsy, mentalconfusion, edema, psychosis to name a few. If your body was a system of pipes, transporting water, blood, and electric currents constantly throughout the body and some how one of those pipes got blocked, signs of that blockage would become apparent eventually (symptoms.) Not only would a clogged pipe stop functioning but a buildup of all the matter trying to get through would grow and amass phlegm, cysts, fibroid s and tumors. These masses leak toxicity from their stagnant buildup back into the system to be moved through functioning pipes, so now this sepsis is festering in the whole body causing more clogs (illness). You can get these clogs mostly through diet and lifestyle that make your body fluids viscous. Lack of exercise and fried, fatty, or cold foods, especially dairy! The remedy?! A diet in warm nutrient dense unprocessed foods, exercise, herbs and acupuncture.

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