14 07, 2018

Your Kidney’s


Water is the most significant symbol in the Tao. (The Tao is the foundation of Chinese Medicine.) “The highest goodness resembles water.” Every organ has an element and water is assigned to the Kidney. Dreams, more specifically nightmares about water are a sign of Kidney pathology. The kidneys are believed to store all the energy you will have in life so their health is crucial. Kidney pathology presents 1st and foremost with any sexual dysfunction; impotence, low libido and infertility. Other symptoms are low back and knee pain, tinnitus and trouble concentrating.  The kidney is weakened by excessive fear, drugs and medications, especially stimulates like Adderall and diet pills, excessive masturbation, poor diet and poor hydration. Strong kidneys present as good leadership skills, confident decision making, bravery, sexual stamina and a strong back. 

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6 10, 2015

Healthy Body, Sexy Body


When it comes to Chinese medicine and weight loss there is a factor that is not being considered when writing diet plans, herbal formulas, and acupuncture protocols. And that factor is what the patient’s desired outcome actually is. There can be a big difference between a healthy body and a sexy body. In ancient eastern traditions a healthy body is one that is soft, flexible and balanced without pain. In the west a healthy body is one that is tight, hard and can squat with 300 pounds of metal on its back so it can bounce a quarter off its ass. Or one that has protruding hipbones and thigh gaps. In the west we like to relish in the pain of sore muscles after a workout. "I can't walk because yesterday was leg day." Power-lifting, cross-fit and marathons keep me in business. With the majority of my patients I am treating the side effects of a prescription, or a work-out induced injury. In Taoism (where acupuncture originated) a healthy body is a reflection of a gentle balanced life style. Now a healthy body is a reflection of pushing your body to extremes. The key word you will hear over and over again with an acupuncturist is balance. Acupuncture works for weight loss by correcting imbalances and allowing your body to regulate itself. Everyone has a healthy perfect body, it is a matter of allowing your body to be that without letting stress and addiction get in the way. I am [...]

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18 05, 2015

Otzi – 5000 Year Old Mummy Reviels Secrets


In 1991 scientist discovered a 5000-year-old mummified man in the mountains along the border between Austria and Italy. Named Otzi after the Otz Valley where he was found, the mummies body was remarkably well preserved, as were most of his clothing, tools and weapons. One of the most remarkable discoveries was a complicated system of bluish black tattoos running along Otzi's back, right knee and left ankle. Since such non-ornamental tattoos had previously been found in similar locations on mummies in Siberia and South Africa, some researchers speculated that the lines on Otzi's body where of therapeutic importance. Researchers found that the tattoos lined up with traditional acupuncture points. X-rays of the Iceman's body revealed evidence of arthritis in the hip, knees and lumbar spine. Forensic Analysis of the mummy revealed that his intestines were filled with worm eggs which would have caused severe abdominal pain. All of the tattoos on his body lined up with acupuncture points with the specific indication of treating those aliments. Otzi died 2000 years before the appearance of acupuncture as we know it today, this raises some interesting questions as to where this form of care originated and how long it's been practiced.

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1 05, 2015

The Power of Mind and Body: Mike Day – Navy SEAL


It is not often you meet a real hero much less have the opportunity to help them in some small way. I had the honor to work with retired Navy SEAL Mike Day. If you haven't heard, Mike was shot 27 times while on an operation in Iraq's Anbar Province in 2007. On his road to recovery it took two years to physically recover from his injuries, and he still deals with constant pain. Mike is determined to not have a victim mentality, however. That has launched him on a journey of giving back. Mike is now a contractor for 9Line LLC working as a Wounded Warrior Advocate for wounded Special Operations Warriors.   In addition to being an advocate, Mike has independently initiated a fund raising effort that has netted more than $83000 for the Carrick Brain Center, a treatment facility that focuses on the treatment of Traumatic Brain Injuries. After his treatment Mike was kind enough to send me this testimonial of his experiences with training and acupuncture. "I received my first acupuncture treatment from my bosse's daughter, Ashley Heintz. She asked me what I wanted fixed. First of all, there are not enough needles to fix everything. Second I like where I am and how I feel, pain or being uncomfortable when I work out is normal for me. It's normal for everybody to a certain extent. I'm not saying to destroy yourself. As an individual you need to know where the point of being uncomfortable crosses over into self destructive [...]

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4 04, 2015

Reversing Memory Loss in Alzeimer’s patients.


Scientist reversed memory loss in patients with Alzheimer without drugs, with only 3 months of regulated diet, exercise and meditation. Also, after over two years, all the patients retained their improvements. If you don’t have the patience to meditate you can cheat and use Acupuncture. Alzheimer’s disease affects 30 million people worldwide, but as of yet, we still don’t have a good treatment for it. However, that could be about to change, thanks to new research by the UCLA Mary S. Easton Center for Alzheimer’s Disease Research and the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. In their research and experiments, for the first time, scientists successfully reversed memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s disease with a new combination therapeutic approach. Although there have been dozens of drug trials for treating Alzheimer’s, no one drug has really worked. However, these researchers looked at the disease and targeted it with a 36-point combination approach that included diet, exercise, vitamins and even meditation. These therapies worked: nine of the ten trial patients with early cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer’s saw improvements in their memory after just three months of treatment. Those patients with jobs pre-trial returned to work and had improved performance. Also, after over two years, all nine patients have retained these improvements. Other serious illnesses, such as cancer, HIV and cardiovascular disease, are often targeted with this sort of combination approach. However, until this research, no one had targeted Alzheimer’s this way. Now that the results are in, the [...]

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4 04, 2015

Chinese Medicine for Cellulite


Many women ask me about Chinese Medicine for Cellulite. I hope by now all of you know that cellulite is NOT fat, it is a break in connective tissue, even the skinniest women can have it, and most women do. So to treat it you have to stimulate cell growth and tissue repair. That is what most expensive cellulite treatments do, they essentially cause injury to the area to stimulate the body’s healing mechanisms in that area, cupping can do this! Also providing more nourishment to your body will facilitate healing, not only through food but in the thoughts you have about your body and other women’s bodies as well. This is not just a “fluffy feel good new age tip’” it is science. It has been proven over and over again that stress causes disease and that is because your thoughts and your cells have a symbiotic relationship. Close your eyes and think of being chased by a shark, did your heart rate go up? So why wouldn’t everything else you think affect your body. You told your body you were being chased by a shark and it believed you, so if you tell your body it is fat and ugly it will also believe you. The quickest way to create a healthy beautiful body is to already believe your body is beautiful and healthy. So if you can’t think nourishing high frequency thoughts about your body, then don’t think of your body at all. It’s much easier said than done [...]

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